November 12

Why you should not trust automobile reviewers on Youtube?

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I am driving VW Polo for last 6 years and its a gem of a car but none of the famous bloggers or vloggers talk about importance of safety and quality in which Polo gets 10/10 for the value it offers under 8 lacs bracket. No one has ever talked in detail that how other B2 segment cars does cost cutting by not providing 100% Galvanized body, not provide full wheel claddings, poor plastics, not provide proper cladded boot cover, not provide under body protection, not provide airbags in their starting variants, cabin rattling, water coming inside of the car, no proper not provide proper build quality and so on.

If Volkswagen Polo provides that, no reviewer tries to stress on its qualities and what makes Polo ahead of its competitors. Rear space may be an issue but its still great for 4 people and overall its the only German car in the segment whose quality is comparable to Audi A1 which is VW's brand itself. There are hundreds of reasons which can be told to convince people to buy VW cars.

But on the contrary, there is too much stress on negativity, inflating small issues into big, spreading rumours about its maintenance costs etc. In this Video, as a proud VW Polo, I have confronted such people who are blindly following one brand and think that other brands are building poor quality cars and have no sense of Indian Car Scene.

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