May 14

5 Things I don’t like in my VW T-Roc

Overall Experience

As an owner of VW #TRoc for he last 8 months or so, I feel really lucky that I bought it in the earlier dates as the 2021 model has jacked up price tag with few important features omitted.

So far, my experience with the car has been great and I really enjoy behind the wheels with the 1.5 TSI Engine that has 7 speed Automatic DCT (DSG) Transmission. Gear shifting is smooth and you instantly fall in love with the drive pleasure, Engine refinement and overall interior insulation & plush ride of the car.

I thoroughly enjoy the drives with my family, space has been good and car has plethora of safety and convenience features like 6 airbags, Hill Hold, Lane Assist, Reverse Camera, Brake Assist, Panoramic Sunroof and 10 inch Infotainment screen with 6 speakers.

However, there are 5 points that I have discussed in the video, that I would like to change or have in m car.

5 things that I don't like

Grab Handles

Plastic interior grab handles definitely doesn't feel VW at all, they feel like some cheap Japanese car and VW really has missed the trick here. There is no evident cost cutting anywhere but this particular thing really bothers me and I wish Taigun & Kushaq comes with better quality.


VW T-Roc comes with 'Made In Spain' Bridgestone Tyres 'Turanza' which are Winter Tyres specifically for Europe Markets.

On Indian roads, they aren't that good. They already started to wear off and I don't think it will be safe to drive them above 20,000 KMs. Once car will does 20,000 KMs on ODO, I will change them with a Michelin Tyres or Yokohama. However, these tyres provide great grip, stability and braking.

No Cooled Glove Box

In a car that cost around 22 lacs on road in 2020, definitely should have had a cooled glove box. Even a humble Polo that costs less than half of T-Roc has it.

Panoramic Sunroof

I wish not to have a Panoramic Sunroof even if it adds to the charisma inside the cabin. I feel it is a compromise on quality and safety. You definitely have an advantage of safety if your roof is of high strength steel instead of Toughened glass. 

Dry Clutch

Premium VAG Group cars like Superb, Tiguan, Passat that has 2.0 TSI Engine, comes with Wet Clutch instead of Dry Clutch in their DSG Gearbox. Wet Clutch are definitely better in terms of durability, avoid heating issues and are long lasting as well. T-Roc despite being 20+ lacs car, has cost cutting here and putting customers at little risk.


However, these are minor issues. If you Revv your car gently and enjoy driving without pushing car to the limits then there won't be any issue for 5-6 years and 80,000 KMs. My experience with VW Polo which is 8 years old and now T-Roc which is 7 months old has been great. I fully trust VW Engineering for their safety, quality and durability which adds to peace of mind ownership.

I am eagerly waiting to see VW Taigun or roads and later, VW T-Roc being made in India too in 2023

Please let me know if you have any questions in comments. You can visit my website too or follow me on Twitter @volklub

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