Is Volkswagen Polo better than Swift/Baleno/i20Elite/Jazz?

October 17, 2018

Before I start writing my first blog on Automobile, I would like you all to know that I am not a professional blogger. I am a cars enthusiast who read, observe and ask different people about their experiences with their cars. I myself have a Volkswagen Polo which has done around 65000 KMs and was bought on 23rd March 2013. My father has a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R which was bought in 2009 and my real brother has an Elite i20 which was bought in October 2017.

If you are here with 60% convinced that Volkswagen Polo will be your next car (or first car), then you are at the right place. Here, I will state facts with utmost honesty, without being biased towards one brand. My answers are synopsis of my experience for last 6 years with my VW Polo.

I would surely discuss the demerits/negative points of VW Polo as compared to other B2 segment cars but I would first like to discuss its positive points which just keep it in league of its own and much much ahead of other B2 segment cars if QUALITY is your first priority. Here are 5 points that I feel keep Polo as a front runner among its rivals even though it has its shortcomings.

#1 Value for money

When I bought VW Polo (Comfortline, Petrol) in March 2013, it cost me around 5.85 lacs on road in Ludhiana after all discounts. Now after 6 years, things have changed a lot. VW Polo now has much more features as compared to Comfortline model 6 years back. It now comes with dual airbags, ABS, cooled glove box and better tuned engine for mileage. On-Road prices for Base Model Petrol is 6 lacs, for CL Petrol is around 6.70 lacs and top model is 7.80 lacs.

For diesel it is 7.60 lacs, 8.80 lacs and 9.70 lacs. It is bit on the higher side because Diesel engine comes with a 4 cylinder 1500 cc and 90 BHP. Whereas, Petrol one comes with a smaller 3 cylinder 1000 CC, 75 BHP engine.

Now, if you are in the market to spend around 7 lacs then do pen down your priority list. If safety, quality and brand snob value is your top priority then VW Polo CL Petrol should fit in your budget. You might have watched hundreds of reviews on Youtube but none of have discussed that how other B2 segment cars have done cost cutting to keep margins higher as their cars sell like hot cakes.

Volkswagen Group is a GERMAN giant which owns brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Skoda and Bentley. They know all tricks of the trade as they are building quality premium and passenger cars over the years. Their R&D is still unmatched. Now comes the main point, I feel quality of Volkswagen Polo/Ameo/Vento is comparable to Audi A1 and A3. These cars share parts and it is quite visible from the quality of my Polo. Not even a single part of other B2 segment cars (Baleno/Swift/Elite i20/Jazz) is better Volkswagen Polo. Yes they might have an advantage of rear space and resale value but VW Polo is just in a league of its own if part quality is compares.

Starting from 100% galvanized thick metal sheet, heavy doors, meaty grab handles, solid bumpers, underbody corrosion protection, no visible screws inside the cabin, thick sun visors, proper wheel claddings (no B2 segment car provides full wheel claddings), laser welded roof for better rigidity, top notch quality interior plastics, wiring quality, under dashboard quality (no visible ugly wires), steering, seats, plastic buttons, boot mechanism, floor mat qulity, parcel tray quality, gear lever.. every damn thing just ooze quality. There is not even a single part/things which made me feel that Volkswagen has done cost cutting. They have not reduced their quality for India unlike other Japanese and Korean brands who meet Indian norms but export better cars but build inferior cars for India with cost cutting all around. If you are in the market, do check points like wheel cladding, under dashboard quality, door weight, under body corrosion protection, laser welded roof, under hood wires quality, bumper thickness, kerb weight, visible screws, thin sun visors and then you will understand what QUALITY means. Remember, other companies are saving much more in quality but are charging almost same or even more than Volkswagen Polo which is almost a flawless car as far as quality is concerned. For an instance, I have not changed brake pads of my car even after 65ooo KMs and brakes are still working perfectly.

Not even a single part has fallen off or broke down. I have changed my Battery and Tyres so far & have replaced them with Bridgestone B290 195/R15. Other than that, only normal servicing is done for last 5 years which cost me around Rs 6500-7000 every year from authorized VW service center in Ludhiana.

#2 Snob Value

Many of Indians don’t know that Volkswagen Group is a parent brand that owns giants like Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Skoda, Bentley, Ducati and Prosche. Volkswagen is globally World’s largest car maker and sell most number of cars globally every year. They and Toyota always have a neck to neck fight for the top position globally. VW Polo brings the snob value because of VOLKSWAGEN German badge which carries the same quality DNA like their luxury cars. Even though VW Polo is their base offering in India but it carries same premium feel like their Luxury cars. No evident cost cutting is there other than a missing cylinder (3 pot motor). To understand the quality difference between Polo and other B2 segment cars like Swift, Baleno, i20 Elite and Jazz, you need to own one. The only car comes close to Polo in quality is Hyundai i20 Elite but after analyzing this car closely as my real brother has it, I have found out dozens of places where cost cutting was evident.

#3 Durability

I have a Polo for almost 6 years now with over 65000 kms done but my car revvs like new even now. Not to mention, it looks like new as well 🙂 Reason is, it is made from good quality metal sheet (100% Galvanized) and VW’s impeccable multi layer paint quality which can take on harsh Indian weather for years. You won’t find loose screws, corrosion, rattling inside the cabin or dancing gear knobs in your Polo even after half a dozen years. It will run like brand new with no hiccups in the second gear like other Japanses/Korean cars. Again, it is because VW’s attention to detail in quality without going for cost cutting approach. I recommend you to watch video on Youtube ‘Why only VW can build a VW’ to understand what quality means to VW for their customers. Other B2 segment cars may remain good for first couple of years but they won’t age well. But this is not the case with VW Polo. My car is still good to go for next 10 years atleast if I will keep on getting it timely serviced from authorized VW service center.

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