December 11

5 Points that VW Skoda needs to implement to improve their sales

VW 2.0 didn't start the way VW/Skoda wanted it to be. From Covid to chip shortage, overpriced mediocre cars and ECU issues, things aren't as sorted and smooth as VW Group wanted to be.

However, to get things back on track, I have discussed 5 points that can set VW Group's house in order.

Possible Points
  1. 1
    Chip Shortage: Considering VW as a global brand, they should have managed the shortage by borrowing some chips from Germany or UK to manage the little market in India. It is a known fact that VW sells around 10 Million cars globally worldwide. If they really have 20K orders as pending in India, it would be great if they can borrow some chips and utilize their assembly line fully. 
  2. 2
    Provide Polo and Rapid alternate: As you all know that suddenly Polo's waiting period is increased to 6 months, there are rumours that Polo's production is stopped to encourage buyers to go for Taigun. This definitely will affect sales because Polo was doing good numbers of around 1500 units per month already and its customer base had a budget of 7-13 lacs. Whereas, Taigun is straight 4 lacs expensive and prices overlap the dangerous territory of market-leading cars like Creta/Seltos/Harrier which have better road presence and features.
  3. 3
    Laung the car without Drama: There is no point in launching a car with all the hoopla and trying to create curiosity among buyers by making them wait. Skoda/VW should avoid digital launches and simply launch them on a particular date, have cars present in the showrooms after launch and disclose the price on launch day itself to take the bookings and tentative delivery dates. By delaying the actual launch, you tend to bubble off the initial buzz and give time to customers to plan for alternative cars.
  4. 4
    Get a clear approach: If VW/Skoda is trying to compete with Hyundai after compromising on the quality, materials and insulations then do it with a full heart. Do bring panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, wireless charging, TMPS and Air Purifiers as well. No need to bring half baked cars that are neither in the affordable luxury segment nor in the Hyundai's.
  5. 5
    Address issues during the testing: Do ensure that an ECU like a fiasco doesn't happen in your newer cars. It will bring colossal damage to the brand's reputation and may force buyers to move away to other reliable and established brands.

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