May 29

14 ways CAR BRANDS do COST CUTTING in their Cars

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Will we ever get a perfect quality car in passenger segment without any cost cutting?

Over the years, we have witnessed that car costs have gone almost double in last 7 years. A normal sedan like Vento and City cost above 17 lacs in Bangalore on road. Their ex-showroom cost in early 2010s was around 7-12 lacs max but now they are breaching 15-17 lacs bracket.

Over the years manufacturing costs have gone up because of increase in raw material costs, Electronics, mandatory safety features, rising salaries, increase in logistic charges, change in tax structure and many more other factors.

So brands have come up with different ways to cut costs but still keeping fat profits in tact. Here, I have discussed 14 points with which I feel costs are being cut starting from Build Quality, missing items, mechanical compromises and many other factors.

Here are time stamps where you can watch about cost cutting in the cars with each points in my personal opinion

  • Introduction on the topic
  • Build Quality
  • Undersized Tyres
  • Integrated Head Rest
  • Inner Door Insulation
  • Thin glass for doors
  • Underbody layout and Engine Cover
  • Galvanised Body
  • Undersized spare tyre
  • Insulation Rubber and Materials
  • Wheel Arch Cladding
  • Missing Boot Cover
  • Small Disk Brakes
  • Missing parcel tray
  • Side Mirror

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Cost Cutting, poor build quality, poor plastics

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