October 1

10 Points Pre Delivery Inspection of your car (all points covered)

You are obviously excited about the delivery of your new car, but WAIT! Many have paid a huge price for the resultant haste, and it's best to take some necessary precautions before driving away in your new machine.

I enlist all that you should check for as a part of the pre-delivery inspection

  • Check manufacturing date with VIN of the car before registration.
  • Check for the Tax and Insurance calculations that they are not overcharging you.
  • I recommend accepting delivery in broad daylight since the dark can conceal a lot. You may also not get good service in the evening since dealership personnel is in a hurry to wrap the day up. A lot could have happened between the pre-registration inspection and today. It’s best to walk around the car and ascertain that the car is super clean! Look for any signs of repair work/damage such as paint difference, dents, etc. Even the interiors should be squeaky clean.
  • Check that all lights and electric accessories are working fine.
  • Confirm that all the accessories you ordered are fitted on the car. Check that the spare wheel is fresh. And that all related tools (spanner, jack etc.) are present. Are there wheel locks? If so, ensure that the lug key is there in the car. 
  • Misc : Wipers, floor matting, first-aid kit & hazard sign
  • What is the mileage on your car? It should not be more than 100 km (or in the whereabouts) for most brands. 
  • Ensure that there is enough fuel in the car. At least to get you to the nearest petrol pump.
  • Somehow, most new cars are delivered with over-inflated tyres by the showroom. Check the tyre pressure and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Tally your car's registration number on the R.C. Book, with the number plate. Dealers are known for their carelessness here.


  • Read the paperwork! Don't take anybody's word for anything. Make sure all the blanks in the contract are filled in.
  • Invoice - (Check that the Chassis and Engine number of the car matches with the Invoice and/or Challan).
  • Sales certificate
  • All payment receipts
  • Registration book or temporary certificate (Some States). Is your name spelt correctly? Are the car chassis/engine number matching with the actual? 
  • Insurance: Ensure that coverage is valid and active.
  • Original PUC certificate. This is valid for one year.
  • Owners Manual
  • Duplicate Keys
  • Original warranty with all relevant dealership stamps
  • Extended Warranty (If opted for).
  • Warranty of third party items such as the battery, tyres etc.
  • Roadside assistance Contact details
  • Business cards of dealership and service personnel.

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